Product review

My Policy

If you are interested in sending me a product for review please be aware that I will provide an unbiased review of the product(s) you send me. Please take into consideration that in order to review your product fairly I will need a full sized sample of your product.  In other words, please do not send me a sample that is too small to really sample and review. I can provide a copy of of the product review prior to its publication on this blog, but you need to let me know if this is necessary or not. If you don’t like the article, I will respect your wishes and not publish it.  However, if you decide you would like me to publish the article,  the article will be published as written.  Please be aware that  my policy is to NOT make any changes to the article other than to correct  typos  and factual inaccuracies.

If the terms are acceptable to you, please contact me via the contact page. An email will be sent to me.