Without Wings 5-22-2000

I don’t know  where to start. It has been about 2 weeks or so since my last entry and I’ve gone and come back from Illinois since then. Sunday night on mother’s day is when Dennis and I packed our bags put them in the car and began our drive to Illinois. On Monday about 4pm we arrived. The say at his grandparents was so relaxing. No work. No school. His grandparents were the sweetest and the cutest old couple. In a way I’m envious of Dennis because he’s had the chance to experience the grandparent stuff. I’ve had very little experience in that. Anyway I don’t feel like writing much right now. I’m kind of mad at Dennis cause he’s always wanting to sleep and shit. I did have a great time in Illinois though and I’m sorry we had to come back. I wish we could have brought his grandparents back with us but we couldn’t. Besides why would they want to come to a big stupid city like Houston.

I started my job today. I work at the same place Dennis does. I’ll talk about that later too, I guess. We had a meeting today. The job doesn’t start until June 5th though.

Anyways I have to go.




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