Without Wings Entry 4-30-2000

I bought this notebook/journal yesterday at Barnes and Noble. It was either this notebook or the hardbound black notebook/journal. I will get the black one next time.

Today is my mother’s birthday. Its 1:00 pm and Teresa still has not called me to tell me when she is going tot pick me up to go to my mom’s. I hope she calls soon.

Anyways tomorrow finals week starts. I wish it was over with by now. I’m so tired of school. I can’t wait until I graduate. I have two more semesters to go, then I graduate, get married to my wonderful Dennis, and move to stupid Alabama with our washer and dryer (that his dad is giving to us) and all the other little things we have.

Norma graduates this semester. I am going to miss her so much.

I am going to call Yvette. Talk to you later…




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