Blogging Like A Virgin

I once was a wanna be writer. I had good ideas. I had a way with words. Technology helped me with spelling. I am a terrible speller. All in all if you gave me a topic I could come up with something to write. Was it because I was young and young people tend to have an imagination? Was it because I was young and young people don’t have as much stress or responsibilities: work, family, school? Was it because I had more time? Maybe less children? No those extra responsibilities give me more topics to consider writing about, but still I have draft after draft of unfinished articles unorganized in odd file folders on my computer.

As a writer technology is as much my enemy as it is my friend. Technology is my frenemy and I get itch every time I start to read another of the millions of articles out on the web about attracting more readers to my blog. The linking, the wording, the affiliations, the scoring, the vlogging, the picture linking, the….I hate it. What is a stronger word for hate?  A quick question in the search word bring about a whole list of stronger words for hate. I choose all of those to describe how much I hate technology.

When I was a bit younger I had more patience to read article after article about web content and linking for better blog traffic and some of it still holds very true, but in a few years what was true then no longer holds true and I end up just staring at the screen, my back aching, my eyes tired, my neck stiff thinking WTF!!!!!! Why can’t I just write and post and hope that the good old fashion word of mouth works. Yes, I know that idea is laughable in an age when so much can be found on the internet and what I write isn’t even close to a needle in a haystack but even harder to find than that.

My refurbished idea of the day…stop being a wuss and make the effort out of my super busy life to take the time to read those how-to bring traffic articles. Not necessarily for this blog. This one is still fairly new, but to my other one.

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